Pictures and Prices

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Pricing Information:

The Basics: A flower, two rows of points/tabs, a charm in the flower(s), Homecoming w/the year streamer, Name Streamer (up to two names) and a little jingle (2 bells) in school colored 18" streamers. Basic Mum Prices: Sngl - $45, Dbl - $65, Trpl - $85.

  • Friendship w/18" streamers - $50
  • Friendship w/3' streamers - $60
  • Single - $75
  • Double - $115
  • Horizontal Double - $130
  • Triple - $150
  • Triple Over the Shoulder - $175
  • Texas Triple - $225 (It's HUGE!)
  • Garter Sngl - $60, Dbl - $80, Trpl - $105

The Standard Package:  Standard mums and garters have a little of everything - a braid, loops, bells, charms, metallic ribbons. (Pricing above is for Standard Package Mums and Garters)

The Delux Package:  The Delux is for people that want it all and then some! It has everything the Standard offers Plus more sparkle in the flower, more hanging charms, extra braids or a boa. Add an additional $20 to Standard Pricing

Senior Package: Senior mums are traditionally white and silver, but white and gold or any color combination you desire is also available. Package includes a Senior Star charm, metallic ribbons, printed Senior ribbons, metallic braids, Senior trinket package and a silver graduation hat in flower. Can be used to decorate a bear if mum includes one or if you add one. See pics for examples and don't forget to inquire about the special charm for ordering early! Add $15 to any design.

The Custom Mum: We strive to bring your vision to life with Custom mums. Want it bigger, flashier, over-the-shoulder, feathered or monsterously fluffy? We do that! We can lengthen, shorten, enlarge, multiply or light it up! Get in touch with your inner designer then call us for a quote: 817-975-3041.

Extra Items Price list coming soon. Please call for information at this time: 817-975-3041

Basic mums with a couple of extras

SENIORS! It's your last year, so make it sparkle and shine! Check out these pics to get ideas for your own custom design. The Senior Package is $15 and includes: Metallic streamers, Senior Star Charm, Printed Streamers, Senior Trinket Package, and a select item for Seniors Only. We carry Senior merchandise in both Gold and Silver, but don't feel limited. Try our Two-Tone design with a side of Zebra for added kick. We also stock Hot Pink, Lime Green and Purple. It's YOUR Senior year, so go crazy!

Basic Garters with some extras.

NOTE:  Add the Senior Package to any mum for $15!    

Senior Designs Rock and Rule!

Two Tone mums make a statement. The combination is an outstanding effect! This design offers couples from different schools an affordable option for two homecomings during the same season.  

Start with the Basics. From there, add what you want to customize your mum: boas, cowbells, extra braids, hanging charms. The possibilities are limitless. Most people order the Standard Package because it has a little bit of everything.


A touch of color adds personality - YOUR personality. Remember, your Senior Mum or Garter is all about YOU.